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Problems With Influencer Marketing

Indeed, an influencer marketing platform does wonders for growth and popularity. The practice is widely considered an effective means for businesses- large and small, and freelancers to reach out to their target audience.

However, just like any other technique, this practice is not perfect either. There are some aspects of influencer marketing that are considered problematic and lie under the cons.

For example, an influencer marketing firm cannot help or relate to the 4 Ps of traditional marketing or the bounties businesses get from digital marketing agencies.

When we look at influencer marketing, the clicking conception in our minds is to influence the target market with the help of an influencer or influencer marketing firm.

But what good is the influencer for if it cannot help your brand with engagement? In this sense, there are other various problems with influencer marketing we have listed below:


Not everything that shines is gold. One of the significant problems with the influencer marketing platform is that you will likely face multiple scammers claiming to be influencers. This happens more on social media platforms like Instagram. Individuals create accounts and boost their fake followers themselves by paying a small amount to several websites.

This is increasingly happening since every other social media individual eagerly strives to be influencers to earn easy money and become famous. In addition, if you appoint an influencer marketing firm, check for their reliability and authenticity by asking for projects they have previously dealt with and analyzing before investing your money in frauds.


Influencer marketing can help you climb the ladder by reaching out to your target market, but it merely helps you get there and does nothing afterwards. In contrast, like digital marketing allows brands to increase traffic on their web pages through SEO, influencer marketing can only help you reach the audience they have.

This is why your brand will depend on the number of followers/audiences your influencer posses, and if you want to expand your target market, you need to have more than one relevant influencer for the promotion.


Another problem with influencer marketing is that it can contradict relevancy. That’s because influencers or an influencer marketing firm possess a variety of audiences that might not be relevant to your target market.

For example, if you appoint a young model influencer, her followers will more likely be millennials who are looking to get inspired by their looks or how they dress up. In this sense, if you have a diaper brand, then you will need an influencer whose followers are mostly moms. However, this is not fixed with influencer marketing to be directly reachable to many relevant audiences.


Influencer marketing with a single influencer is reliable for the short term. That’s because influencers are mostly freelancers dealing with various brands simultaneously. That’s why once their post about your brand gets old, it is pushed down with new centres of influencers.

If you want your product or service to be prominent again, you will need to appoint and pay another influencer or influencer marketing firm to revamp or repost your brand.  In short, you cannot rely on influencer marketing for the long term to sustain your brand.


Influencer marketing can cost you a hefty amount to bring in various influencers on a single platform because a single influencer may not help you reach your target market effectively. In addition, influencer marketing platforms like an influencer marketing firm will help you gain the audience’s attention for the long term only if you make consistent payments.