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Influencer Marketing Pricing

Influencer marketing has become a hot topic nowadays, with influencers having thousands of followers who look up to them and brands trying to collaborate with these influencers to promote their products. Influencer marketing platforms have also gained popularity due to the vast number of services they provide in facilitating collaborations between influencers and brands. With so many platforms coming forward and offering a variety of services, it becomes hard to decide which influencer marketing platform to select. So how do you decide which platform to choose? One of the factors that play a role while searching for an influencer marketing platform is pricing.

While pricing sounds like a straightforward concept, it is actually not. Most influencer marketing platforms provide their services in return for a number of charges; these may include subscription fee, membership fee, campaigns fee, post fee, upfront fee etc. The total fee charged by any platform can add up to a fairly large amount and can feel like quite a burden on both brands and influencers. Influencer marketing platforms generally have a fixed membership fee that you need to pay at regular intervals in order to keep your membership activated. This fee is charged regardless of whether you’re consistently availing their services or not.

The amount of the subscription fee depends on whether you want to avail basic or advanced options. Although influencer marketing platforms try to ensure that the benefits they’re providing to brands are equal to the cost that the brands are incurring, a lot of times the commitment to paying a subscription fee may be more costly than the services availed. Brands might not use the same services again and again, yet they would have to pay the subscription fee which just adds to their list of expenses.

An important service provided by most influencer marketing platforms is designing and successfully running campaigns for brands, for which they charge hefty amounts. This adds to an additional burden for brands who are already trying not to go over their planned budgets for influencer marketing. In addition to these, many influencer marketing platforms also have a limited number of campaigns that they would design and manage within a certain fee paid.  

Some influencer marketing platforms have adopted pricing models in which brands have to pay a fixed amount for every post made by the influencers. The biggest drawback with this pricing model is that brands are responsible for paying a specific amount for every piece of content created by the influencers, without being able to determine if the posts have been successful in engaging with potential customers. This can prove to be a huge expense for the brand if the content created by influencers does not meet the expectations of the brand.

While all of these pricing models have risks attached to them, Influencer Hub can help your brand in achieving its marketing objectives without having to spend a lot of money. What’s so good about Influencer Hub’s pricing model? We don’t charge any membership fee, subscription fee, post fee or campaign fee. Another good news is influencers also don’t have to pay anything for signing on our platform. Influencer Hub believes in helping brands expand and retain their customer base by collaborating with the right influencers. Brands are only required to pay influencers who they wish to collaborate with, and Influencer Hub keeps 25% of the fee when a brand actually pays an influencer for a campaign.

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