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How to Stay Competitive in the Growing World of Influencer Marketing

A world which once relied on affiliates to reach out to a wider audience in order to increase sales now relies more on influencers. These influencers may be just like normal people but have a very wider channel and audience on an influencer marketing platform. However, with influencers being in the game for the past few years, brands now have very sophisticated techniques and research in order to gauge a greater audience. In this scenario, staying competitive is all that any brand needs. Here are some ways to be able to do so.


The trick is a very old one but a very needed one. Create experiences for your audience and do not just focus on selling them to them. Customers do not like when they are being pushed to buy. How to do that? Just show your customers what they will feel or experience if they buy your product. Have influencers show the experience by posting photos and videos while using your product or even how they felt about it. Let an emotional appeal get attached to it while also talking about the perks. Besides, create a campaign around it by using hashtags.


Another way to sell well is to not sell at all. Sounds crazy right? Well, we are talking about giveaways. The world loves free products. Ask your influencers to either host giveaway events or host giveaways virtually. What do you get in return? You get engaged. Influencers can ask that for any giveaway, following the brand’s account is mandatory and so is commenting. Asking to post a hashtag might also work. However, this is not the only benefit you get. When customers use your products once for free, they often come back for more. This time, paying for them.

Relatable Marketing

One of the very important reasons why some influencer marketing campaigns fail to make an impact is because consumers are not able to relate much with the influencer. Some very high following influencers usually are unable to connect to the niche that appeals to the audience. Thus, to stay competitive, do not just focus on high numbers of followers but on the engagement they provide in terms of comments and reposts. This only becomes possible if customers find a common ground of feeling with the influencer. As an example, sometimes, an influencer with followers less than 1,000, is able to generate better results.

Long Term Partnerships

When there is a long-term partnership with the influencer, the influencer better understands the brand in terms of the tone, values, and goals. This gives them an opportunity to be more interested in your brand’s success enabling them to make a more personalized effort. Besides, they also give relevant feedback on what could have been done better to engage the audience better. However, be sure to give them relevant benefits to keep them on board. If you do not, they may consider not making an effort or leaving you too.

Regardless, these aspects are some of the very important ones in order to be able to remain competitive in the industry. If you follow these, we assure you, you are topping the line of engagement.