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How is Social Media Influencing Our Lives?

For almost a decade, social media has been evolving to a better social media every year with several mobile applications and website platforms getting introduced every year. Today, 3.5 billion of the world’s population uses social media and with the help of the most famous ones as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and LinkedIn, the world has clearly been revolutionized with new trends, beliefs and perceptions being built every day. In good or in bad, these trends, beliefs and perceptions have certainly influenced the everyday lives we live and may want to live. In all curiosity, let’s read through some of the very influential ways social media has influenced us.


Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook have been some of the major factors behind influencing what people wear and how they wear it. As of 2021, Instagram possesses around 1 billion users while Facebook has 2.32 billion. What people see their friends, colleagues, and influencers wear; they wear it too. It is like jumping on a bandwagon since everyone is doing it. Not just this but clothing brands who once believed that social media is of no use, take up to social media platforms to promote their products now. That is the power of social media today!


As much of clothing is influenced, lifestyle is too. Look around you. Everyone wants to wear that certain clothing item, buy that house, live the Tiktoker life or go on trips abroad to brag about it on social media. Well, they are only motivated to do so since they have been seeing a certain Tiktoker or Instagram/Facebook personality live that life. Some even want to throw a crazy amount of money from their roofs just because it is a trend. It is a crazy world out there and we are the ones who made it that fun!

Political beliefs

Well, as much as we hate to admit this, but political beliefs have been greatly influenced and created through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A lot of news handles have started building their platforms on these social media platforms and these have greatly affected how people have perceived their political beliefs as. In a world of retweets, tweets and stories shared, one famous opinion has the ability to change your beliefs altogether!

Influencing customers

Believe it or not, brands are made through social media today and they have greatly influenced every customer’s purchasing decisions for a very long time. However, today, the influence has grown even more. With 49% of customers basing their purchasing decisions on social media recommendations, social media influencers are the real heroes behind influencing consumers to buy a certain brand. Such has created a growing market of social media influencers and it has grown since then with brands continuing to approach influencers who are relevant to their brand and target market. Thus, more and more customers have been influenced to buy brands that they may have not even thought about!

However, while social media has influenced the lives of individuals greatly, it also has created a new market of Tiktok, and Instagram-led influencers who have brought on great new trends which have either been entertaining or have led to emerging new markets for small- or large-scale brands increasing sales.