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Our top nine social media channel picks for influencer marketing

The past decade has seen a variety of social media platforms come into existence. Some of them have been able to garner much more popularity than others, and some are more suited to influencer marketing than others. Influencer marketing and social media have witnessed a rise around the same time, and have opened up a plethora of opportunities for brands to enhance their reach and achieve an array of marketing objectives. 

So, if you’re a brand, it is well worth spending some time to evaluate different influencer marketing platforms. Let’s take a look at some of our top influencer marketing platform picks one by one.

1. Instagram

Instagram is perhaps the most popular platform influencer marketing. On Instagram alone, the influencer marketing industry is already worth over a billion dollars. According to a survey by MediaKix, 89% of marketers surveyed identified Instagram as the most important social media channel for influencer marketing. Influencers can promote a brand in a number of ways, such as product unboxing and review videos on IGTV, shoutouts on stories, and giveaways and promotional posts.

2. TikTok

TikTok is perhaps the fastest growing social media platform, with over 800 million users and counting. TikTokers, as they are known, post short videos of them dancing, performing stunts, comedic acts, impersonations, lip-syncing, and other crazy stuff. The short video format is able to drive significantly more creativity as well as engagements. Because TikTok has an endless stream of content, it is highly addictive and can keep the interest of viewers captured for a long time, which is an added benefit for brands.

3. Facebook

With respect to the number of users, Facebook stands at the top of all social media platforms with over 2.7 billion monthly active users. Its popularity among Gen Z users appear to be receding in recent years. However, due to the huge user base, it is still an excellent option for brands to find and target their relevant audience on. Engagement levels are also relatively high on Facebook, with over half of its user base logging in daily. Facebook Insights also provide a rich and powerful source of analytics for marketers to track their reach and performance.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is perhaps one of the least popular platforms for social media influencer marketing. Brands are often looking to leave a lasting impact of their products on their audience. With Snapchat stories lasting only a day, many brands do not prefer to promote their products with a short-lived promo. Nonetheless, several brands, especially beauty, travel and lifestyle brands do actively engage popular influencers on Snapchat, such as Jeffree Star and Manny Rodriguez.

5. YouTube

YouTube is perhaps one of the first few platforms to have gained prominence in the influencer community. Some of the earliest influencers like Michelle Phan and Chriselle Lim achieved their initial following and acclaim from this platform. These influencers were later able to enhance their reach after the growth of other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. YouTube offers an excellent platform for brands to get their products reviewed in detail and to run elaborate promotional campaigns such as giveaways and competitions.

6. Twitter

Twitter is one of those platforms where, facilitated by the use of hashtags and retweets, information, news, ideas, and opinions can spread like wildfire. A survey by Twitter showed that approximately 49% of Twitter users relied on influencers for product reviews and opinions. Though it is challenging to stand out in the huge volume of tweets being posted every, if done right, content on Twitter can go viral in no time. Brands can leverage this by creating, catchy, conversation-starting content for influencers to tweet.

7. Twitch

Twitch is a video live streaming platform which attracts influencers mainly from the gaming and sports niches. Being the largest video game streaming platform in the world, Twitch has over 15 million daily active users who are absolutely hooked to the platform. As a live streaming site, Twitch is an excellent option for brands who are looking to promote through giveaways, live contests, and product unboxings. Twitch is also witnessing a growth in the presence of lifestyle, beauty, and DIY content creators, in addition to games and eSports, which is helping open up the platform to a wider audience.

8. Blogs

Personal blogs are a small yet effective niche in the world of influencer marketing. Blogs can be created on a number of different platforms, such as Tumblr, or Wordpress. Bloggers with a loyal subscriber base can do wonders for brands by getting word about them to a highly segmented and relevant audience. Bloggers write a consistent stream of creative content, which is read regularly by a large audience. Each with their own unique writing styles, bloggers can write in innovative ways to illustrate ideas in ways that stand out from the usual photo or video content on other social media marketing platforms.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn differs significantly from all the above platforms in terms of its purpose and the kind of audiences it attracts. It is also more widely used by B2B firms as compared to B2C businesses. For certain types of businesses, such as financial services firms, it makes more sense to use LinkedIn influencer marketing. Since LinkedIn influencers have a following of executives, decision-makers and entrepreneurs, who closely follow their conversations and opinions, LinkedIn can be a highly effective tool for marketing. Influencers on LinkedIn, such as Melinda Gates and Mohamed El-Erian, drive key conversations on a daily basis and can influence their audience in a way completely different from any other social media channel.

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