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The Role of Influencer Marketing in Driving Sustainability

Sustainability has become a top priority for almost everyone around the globe and especially for the majority of people belonging to generation Z. Individuals like Greta Thunberg have kept reminding us that it is about time we adopt eco-friendly habits and bring a positive change in our consumption patterns. The consumer of today demands products and services which not only fulfill their needs but also do not pose any harm to the environment. 

Keeping these requirements of consumers in mind, brands have started to adopt a number of sustainability practices in their supply chains. In fact, the successful adoption of sustainability has even become a competitive advantage for a large number of brands and about 90% of CEOs believe that their companies won’t be able to succeed without adopting sustainability practices. Sustainability has become an inevitable part of our lives and the sooner we incorporate it into our personal lives as well as our businesses, the easier it would become for us to occupy a significant position in society.

What can brands do in this situation?

Since it has become very clear to brands that it is essential for them to prove to their consumers that they are implementing sustainability practices in all the processes involved in the production and delivery of their products or services, they need to come up with ways to communicate this message to the world. 

Previously, traditional marketing including television advertisements and newspapers were used to endorse products as well as highlight a positive image of the brand. However, the exponential growth of digital marketing, and more specifically influencer marketing, has caught the attention of brands. 

Brands collaborate with influencers to let the world know that their products and services provide value for their money and are also good for the environment. They have now begun to think of creative ways to design their influencer marketing campaigns such that their genuine and authentic image is presented to the consumers.

What roles can influencers play?     

Influencers are powerful individuals who have the ability to influence the decisions of their audience. With the recent awareness campaigns about sustainability and protecting the earth, influencers are also playing a part in this green movement by letting their followers know of the genuine effort made by brands to become more eco-conscious. 

People love their favorite influencers because of the authentic content they post. Nobody likes to see influencers acting fake and endorsing products just for the purpose of earning money. That defeats the entire purpose of being an influencer. Influencers can use their platform to form genuine connections with their audience and look for their best interests. There will be nothing more satisfying for the audience if they know for sure that their favorite influencers truly care about and stand for all the important social issues that exist today, implementing sustainability practices being an important one of them.

Collaborations between brands and influencers for promoting sustainability

Numerous examples of collaborations between well-known brands and influencers can be found today. One of them is the collaboration between the Austrian influencer, Madeleine Darya Alizadeh, and Erlich Textil. Madeline endorsed the bed sheets manufactured by Erlich Textil and let her audience know that the sheets were made up of 80% organic cotton and 20% linen. 

Another great example is of Adidas, since they shifted their focus on sustainable product development to create shoes made of ocean plastic and collaborated with many social media influencers to endorse these shoes. The results of such campaigns have been remarkable in terms of establishing genuine bonds with the consumers and also creating a positive image of products as well as brands.

There is a lot of scope in influencer marketing if you want to make a difference by letting the world know that your brand is on the right track when it comes to promoting sustainability. Influencers can help you connect and engage with a wide consumer base. 

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