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How are Lifestyle Influencers Contributing to the Influencer Marketing Industry

You probably know a number of famous micro-influencers who are serving a variety of niches. While these influencers have a specific category of interests to which their followers belong, lifestyle influencers are here to engage people having different interests and preferences. Today we’ll be letting you know all about lifestyle influencers, who have won the hearts of a large number of social media users by sharing their life journey with them.

Who are lifestyle influencers?

Lifestyle influencers are social media personalities who provide their followers the opportunity to have a look into the different aspects of their really interesting lives. They’re a source of inspiration for their followers, giving them the best advice regarding where to shop, where to dine and where to party. People who follow lifestyle influencers aspire to have lifestyles like them, and lifestyle influencers make it easier for them to adopt that lifestyle by guiding them through their content.

Do lifestyle influencers collaborate with brands?

The answer is a 100% yes! Lifestyle influencers are one of the most sought-after influencers in today’s day and age of digital marketing. In fact, about 48% of brands said that lifestyle influencers were their first preference for their influencer marketing campaigns.

So many different types of brands collaborate with lifestyle influencers, including those selling body wash, toys, detergents, and service oriented brands such as restaurants, day care centres, grocery stores.. the possibilities are endless!

Are there any benefits of being a lifestyle influencer?

The rise of social media has led to many people becoming influencers. While many of them are working successfully as niche-specific influencers, there are certain benefits that are associated with lifestyle influencers.

Would you find it appealing if your favorite beauty influencer endorsed toys? Or if a fitness influencer talked about day care centres for children? The issue here is that there’s no alignment between the influencers and the product.

Since lifestyle influencers focus on whatever is happening in their lives, they’re not just restricted to particular types of products. A mommy lifestyle influencer can endorse anything from color pencils for her kids to an electric kettle to make coffee. An example is of Stephanie Davis, a wife and a mother, who documents her amazing life with her adorable family.

Similarly, a lifestyle influencer who’s a young soul exploring the world can endorse ready-to-make pizza as well as the best dance club in town. A few examples of such lifestyle influencers are Shaylene Pase and Scarlet B., beautiful young women who receive loads of love on social media. Both of these lifestyle influencers recently collaborated with a U.S. CBD brand, Proleve. They used Instagram to promote the product and the results were remarkable!

What do good lifestyle influencers do?

Lifestyle influencers, who’re a pro at what they do, are able to achieve great results because they keep in mind a few simple points. Let’s have a look at them one by one.    

1. Talk about the product’s benefits

Popular lifestyle influencers are well-aware about how to bring their followers’ attention to a new product or service. They don’t just post pictures, videos or stories about the brand they’re endorsing, rather they give detailed feedback of the product, highlighting its benefits to paint a clear picture of why followers should prefer that brand over its competitors. This has a direct influence on people’s purchasing decisions.

2. Engage their followers

Good lifestyle influencers have high engagement rates because they know how to retain their followers’ attention. They maintain a connection with their followers by producing content that they want to see, asking them questions, replying to their comments and arranging giveaways.

As mentioned about Shaylene Pase’s and Proleve’s collaboration previously, Shaylene’s followers were given a discount of 40% during the holiday season. Exciting offers like these keep followers wondering what these influencers will post next.

3. Use creativity and give their input

Another attribute of good lifestyle influencers is that they’re extremely creative with the content they produce. They think of unique ideas and implement them in a way that proves to be highly attractive and engaging for their followers.

When these lifestyle influencers collaborate with brands, they also provide their valuable input to design and execute influencer marketing campaigns, which strengthens their relationship with brands and results in effective marketing.

4. Natural & Authentic

Since lifestyle influencers talk about what’s happening in their lives, people want them to represent their true selves in front of the world. This is why good lifestyle influencers keep it real.

Whether they’re posting about having a fun day at the beach or an endorsement post where they’re talking about any brand, they make sure that they’re always being their true authentic selves!

Lifestyle influencers are the real game changers and brands are seeing a lot of potential by collaborating with them. The demand for collaborations with lifestyle influencers is increasing and brands have already started thinking about which lifestyle influencers they want to collaborate with.

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