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Why Digital Marketing Is Important to Establish a Brand

In the present world, the importance of digital marketing and how it is able to establish different brands through increased customer base is very well sought for. As per HubSpot,  around 70% companies invest in content marketing while 79% of brands use Facebook as a video marketing platform. Why is that so? One reason is that digital marketing has been able to influence user perceptions about different products and convinced them into considering and eventually buying their brand. In order to understand this phenomenon, let us go through some of the benefits of digital marketing.

Customers spend too much time online

To understand this, take the example of Facebook and Instagram. As per Statista, there were around 2.6 billion active users monthly on Facebook while Instagram users are expected to reach 120.3 million active users monthly by 2023 in the U.S only. Since such a large number of customer base exists online, any digital marketing agency’s first option is to reach out to influencers on social media. This strategy establishes a certain perception about your brand in the minds of people who are randomly surfing through these apps. However, the success of this strategy also depends on how effectively and to what audiences you market to.

Return on investment

Many companies who market their brand believe that digital advertising has a high return on investment (ROI) compared to other marketing strategies. Why is that? An example of such is Instagram which is the second highest ROI provider in terms of marketers (HubSpot). With a proven track record of digital marketing, a vast majority of businesses are tempted to employ this marketing strategy. If you are able to generate more customers eventually increasing the return you get out of digital marketing investments, why wouldn’t you?

Cost effective

One of the very attractive benefits of digital marketing is that it may not come off as too pricey. In other words, you will always be spending less compared to traditional marketing strategies. Facebook advertising costs lie between $0.5 and $2 in terms of per click on a sponsored advertisement. Compared to traditional marketing costs such as that of flyers and instore setups, this cost is only a minor percentage of the traditional methods. 

Flexible marketing

Digital marketing is generally taken as a very flexible form of marketing in terms of the wide range of options such as social media, content marketing, email or even banner ads. This gives the marketer the ability to choose among strategies that fit the marketing best. For instance, if a brand wants to target the younger customer base, knowing their social media mobile usage, it will be easy to decide Instagram as a popular marketing tool. 


One of the very important aspects of digital marketing is that it gives the brand the ability and authority to establish their image however they want to. Regardless of the brand’s values, the customer only sees and perceives what the brand wants them to. For example, a brand may choose to establish itself as one which aims to give back to the society, and they can choose the tone and content for their social media campaigns accordingly.

With low costs, authority to establish brand image , flexibility, and higher returns, little remains as to why digital marketing may not help establish a brand. With the right kind of digital marketing strategy, establishing your brand the right way will only be a few steps away!