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Using Influencer Marketing for a Successful Product Launch

Product launches are not that easy, but they are not too hard either. They require a certain strategy to make it successful. As per the Journal of Product Innovation and Management, only 60% of product launches usually succeed. However, in order to be able to do so, influencer marketing can be a very crucial tool when launching a product, during its launch and after. Here are some ways you can use Influencer Marketing Agencies to successfully launch a product.

Involve Influencers When Creating The Product

Obviously, a successful product launch cannot ignore the possibility of influencers being there. However, it is always a very good idea to involve them in designing your campaign or taking decisions on how to go about the product launch. With their rich experience in communicating with customers, they are able to provide not just relevant advice but save you from a lot of marketing blunders. Besides, when they work with you from the planning phases, they are better motivated as they feel a sense of ownership and a responsibility to succeed at the launch.

Trusted Influencers

If you have already been working with certain influencers on partnerships for your brand, they should be the first ones you should reach out to for the product launch. Why? They understand your brand, its values and your brand’s potential and current customers. When they understand that, they are better able to help with the marketing and also sell well as their followers are probably your current customers. Not just this but these followers are familiar with your brand too. Besides, these influencers will always know exactly what the right way is to market the product.

Pre-launch Access

Have you ever wondered how influencers get their hands at the product before they are even launched? Well, that is the game of hype. However, be very sure to not let them start too soon by giving first looks at the product. Ideally, it shall be done 2-3 weeks before the official launch. In giving the first look at the product, your influencers can answer questions of customers, tell how excited they are and tell how they feel about the product. They can also give the followers information about the product launch date and location. Also, another great idea is to have influencers live stream the product launch location and the preparations that are being made. It will greatly help in hyping up!


The world is crazy about discounts so why not give them that. A very strategic action to take here is to provide discounts on the product at the launch event using a specified code by every influencer. Customers are not only more probable to buy if given discounts but also come back for more thereby sustaining them. Besides, discounts only chip away a small percentage of the price but benefit as increased sales so why not! Not just this, you can attach a smaller product alongside the actual product as free. 

Successful product launches are art in terms of marketing strategies and customer retention that work well if influencer marketing strategies are good enough. You must play it well and these tips will provide you with the right kind of start.