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The Amazing World of Travel Influencers

Exotic islands, luscious greenery, thick rainforests.. Don’t you just want to run away to these places? Today, travelling is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle which people not only want to have but also love to see. It is estimated that an average person spends about $1200 on vacation which shows that as human beings, it is in our nature that we love to visit and explore all the beautiful places that exist in our world. So what could be better than getting paid to just travel, have fun and let the world know about it? This is practically what travel influencers do to earn their living. Travel influencers have become a hot topic in the world of influencer marketing. With their posts and stories about the gorgeous features and unique elements at the island or city they’re on a vacation at, they’re able to attract the attention of thousands of individuals who are planning their dream vacations.

Why are travel influencers so popular?

People, especially young and energetic travel enthusiasts, want to know about all the specialities that their dream vacation spots have to offer, from food to hotels to the climate of that area, and most importantly, the “instagrammability” of that place. Statistics show that about 41% of Generation Z plan their next vacation keeping in mind how attractive their destination will look when they post about it on their social media. In fact, young individuals are twice as likely as their parents to travel somewhere they always wanted to. Their young hearts and young minds are always ready to go anywhere at any time. For this reason, they’re also always eager to discover and explore new places. 

With the emergence of the internet, the world has become a global village and all the information that you require is just one click away. In such circumstances, travel influencers are one of the biggest sources for getting travel inspiration. People are able to relate themselves to travel influencers on a more personal level, and so all the information that travel influencers provide seems more realistic and true to their followers. Being able to see pictures and videos and get all the important insights from travel influencers helps people in deciding which vacation spot is yay and which is nay. 

How can brands benefit from travel influencers?

A significant number of travel influencers have been successfully winning the hearts of a large audience. Some of these famous travel influencers include the Russian couple, Murad and Nataly Osmann; The Bucket List Family; and the photographer, Jennifer Tuffen. Different types of travel influencers including solo travel influencers, couple travel influencers, family travel influencers etc. have developed a loyal fan base who look up to their reviews, opinions and comments. Because of this, brands, especially those in the hotel and tourism industry, are looking for travel influencers who align with their brand’s strategic goals. They want to expand their customer base by attracting and capturing the attention of people whose buying decisions are highly influenced by what travel influencers have to say. is a well-known website that has collaborated with different types of influencers to market itself. Another example is of Agoda, which pays travel influencers on a commission basis, amounting up to 60%. This shows that brands realize the value that travel influencers hold in the eyes of the audience and how much power and influence their opinions have on the purchase decisions of their followers.

If you’re a brand who is ready to offer a valuable product or service for travellers, you’ll definitely be able to increase customer engagement if you start reaching out to travel influencers. They can help you in not only creating your brand image, but also retaining it. To make things easier for you, we, at Influencer Hub, can help you find the right travel influencers who can fit perfectly with your brands. Let us help you in achieving your marketing objectives by not only finding the right influencers for you, but also assisting you throughout the collaboration process, helping you plan your travel influencer marketing campaign and also in assessing the results of your campaign. Visit our website to register for free and let’s get started!