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Brand Influencers: What can make you successful?

With the rising trend of influencers in today’s day and age, brands now have a more feasible option for their promotions. Celebrity promotions may reach out to a much wider audience, but there is no doubt that celebrities charge A LOT of money doing so. While celebrities may be a source of entertainment for the people, they are not seen as a reliable source of information, and people are increasingly becoming aware of their false claims. Moreover, effectiveness of advertising is not seen in the number of people it reaches now, but in the number of people it reaches in the targeted market segment.

This shift is a great opportunity for the influencers to grow. Brands too are seeing these influencer accounts as a value addition e.g. Instagram Influencer Marketing, because they allow them to reach the market niche they are aiming for e.g. fitness brands can reach influencers promoting fitness or weight loss etc. If you are an influencer, it might be time to avail this opportunity. There are certain factors that you should consider when building your profile, in order to attract the maximum number of brands to your profile. Here are a few of them:

1. Recognizing the requirements of the top brands

Brands look for influencers who can promote their message in the best manner to their targeted audience. If you want to become a brand influencer, you should try making posts that are in line with the brand you aspire to work with. If you want to work with a fashion brand, you could wear their clothes and talk about how they are a perfect fit, or you could share some posts related to the fashion industry. You just need to see what can work and go ahead with that!

2. Try being unique

What sets you apart from the other influencers? Why would a brand opt for your profile over the others? These are questions you need to ask yourself if you are looking to become a brand influencer.  Brands will obviously choose the influencer whose profile is more attractive and reaches a wider audience, as opposed to an influencer who isn’t very popular and doesn’t have a clear objective. Therefore, it is better to experiment and see how you can be different from others.

3. Always be consistent

Consistency is what can set you apart from other influencers. Becoming an influencer is no different from any other goal or aim you set for yourself. You need to be fully focused on something you wish to achieve. You will find that the most popular accounts anywhere on social media e.g. Instagram, be it brands or celebrities, post regularly to keep their audience entertained. There’s no easy way to building the number of followers on your social media. One thing that is common is all accounts with a great number of following is hardwork. So, if you want to attract brands to your profile, you could possibly set a schedule for your posts, design your posts in an attractive manner, post videos in your story, or do weekly promotions. Just be consistent!

4. Authenticity is very important

Being authentic is important when building a personal brand but it is even more important when promoting sponsored content. Becoming a brand influencer doesn’t mean that you need to promote the sponsored content at all times, rather the ratio of sponsored content to original posts should be small. You should not promote everything that you are offered and instead be selective about whatever you are posting. Your content should be in line with your long term goals as an influencer. If you keep on promoting anything and everything you will end up losing your credibility, as the audience will know that you are promoting products that you personally do not believe in. Quantity over quality can be a damaging approach for you, so always go for quality content.

5.  Build your network

Your social media accounts are of no use if you are not reaching your targeted market segment. The key to success in the case of influencer marketing is to search, follow and get followers that you wanted to target. Along with this, it is important to target followers that the brands you wish to collaborate with are targeting. Treat your followers as friends; keep in touch with them, reply to their queries and messages. The more you stay in touch with them, the more your credibility. This credibility can play a major role when targeting brands. Brands are ultimately looking for influencers who are trusted by their audience and target the right people. Therefore, it is important to keep growing and staying in touch.

It is understandable if all these factors seem too much for you to manage. The good part is that now you do not need to do all this on your own. Influencer marketing agencies are now working on the behalf of successful influencers to build their following, authenticity and collaborate with brands. If that seems like a desirable option to you, head on to Influencer Hub and leave it all to us. Influencer Hub is a digital marketing agency that can help you grow and collaborate for as little as $4.49 per collaboration.

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