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The Paw-some World of Pet Influencers

What gives rise to happy, warm, fuzzy feelings inside us? PETS! These fluffy and adorable little creatures can melt anyone’s heart. According to the 2019-20 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 70% of the households in the US own a pet. This just shows that the majority of us are totally in love with these fur babies, and because of this love, we adore seeing them on social media as well. If you’re wondering what pets are doing on social media, then let us tell you. They’re winning hearts and making money. That’s right, they’re working as influencers! Pet influencers such as Coby the cat, Loki the wolfdog and White Coffee Cat have millions of followers who anxiously wait for their next photo or video to be uploaded. Many of them have a greater fan base than human influencers, for example, Nala the cat even won a Guinness World Record for being the most popular cat on Instagram.

Do pet influencers endorse pet products?

There are several examples of pet influencers endorsing pet products, such as Casper, an ecommerce mattress company that collaborated with multiple dog influencers for promoting their new product for dogs. This might make you think that pet influencers would be endorsing just pet products. That is not the case. Several collaborations have also taken place between pet influencers and companies which make products for humans. Pet influencers have collaborated with multinational organizations in the past such as the collaboration between Mercedes Benz and Loki the wolfdog, which touched the hearts of many luxury car owners since most of them have pets. Another collaboration took place between Chloe the mini frenchie and Urban Decay Cosmetics, where Chloe highlighted the fact that Urban Decay was an animal-friendly company which did not test its products on animals.   

How can brands benefit from pet influencers?

The rapid popularity that pet influencers have been gaining hasn’t gone unnoticed by brands, who are now trying to form collaborations with them. These furry friends market the products of brands they collaborate with using their innocent looks and adorable tricks. Collaborating with pet influencers offers a number of benefits for brands. Some of them we’ll discuss here:

1. Who doesn’t love animals?

There are a number of advantages of collaborating with pet influencers, one of them being, who can not like these cute little creatures? While human influencers are very popular among their followers, there still might be a certain number of individuals who may not necessarily like them very much. However, in case of our furry friends, there’s hardly anyone you can find whose heart is not melted by their super cute content. When people love pet influencers so much, they’re more likely to be inclined towards the products they endorse. 

2. They’re highly engaging!

“Higher engagement” on content simply means that a large number are liking, commenting and sharing that piece of content. It has been seen that pet influencers have a much higher engagement rate than an average human influencer. For example, Koba the Shiba Inu has an engagement rate of 15.2%; he gets an average of 111 likes and 2 comments on every post. On the other hand, an average human micro-influencer has an engagement rate of 10.7%. This shows that pet influencers show a much higher potential than human influencers. 

3. Easier word-of-mouth marketing

Do you know which are the most trending videos on the internet today? Animal videos! People love seeing and sharing animal videos with each other. This makes animals a great source of word-of-mouth marketing. The more creatively a brand is able to use pet influencers in their influencer marketing campaign, the easier it becomes to reach out to a larger audience with the message that you want to deliver.

How to incorporate pet influencers in your influencer marketing strategy is a question you really need to be focusing on. Unlike other influencers who can creatively present themselves as a part of your brand, with pet influencers, you really need to think out of the box. Usually people managing their pet influencer’s account post pictures of pets with the products that they’re endorsing. While this has been working greatly in the past, you need to put a little more effort and a lot more creativity to ensure that your pet influencer marketing campaign stands out. 

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