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Micro-Influencers in 2020: The Growing Popularity and Expected Trends

Micro-influencer marketing is the trend that has caught up in the past few years. They are growing in number and are gaining just as much, if not more, popularity as celebrity campaigns. Micro-influencers are individuals who have between 1000 to 100,000 followers and cater to a specific niche. Examples of such influencers include food bloggers, travellers and fitness experts.

Why have micro-influencers gained popularity?

Having said that micro-influencers have grown in number, we need to understand that there are certain factors that have caused this change. A few of them include:

1. Level of engagement

The level of engagement is high when it comes to micro influencers. The reason behind this is that the influencers can easily manage their likes and follows as compared to celebrities, since it’s a smaller number. Close contact and easy interaction with the audience is one factor that has led to the growing popularity of micro influencers.

2. Affordability

Micro influencers are more affordable compared to people with a higher number of followers. Posts by celebrities are expensive because of the vast audience they are reaching out to. However, if the brand caters to a specific market segment, it is better to opt for micro-influencers as it will save a lot of money.

3. Focus on a niche

Micro-influencers are trusted individuals in what they do and promote. Only the people who have similar interests as the influencers themselves will end up following them on social media. Due to their expertise, their followers trust them and find them more credible compared to celebrities. Their focus on a specific market segment is a task made easy for brands because brands no longer have to worry about their message reaching the targeted market segment.

4. Higher conversion rates

Micro-influencers are a more credible source of information, since promotion campaigns by celebrities usually pass on false information. People tend to believe micro-influencers and stay connected because they seem more relatable, while celebrities portray a perfect life. With the brand promotion being done through a credible source, people end up buying more. Since the micro-influencers are a trusted source, their audience tends to value their decisions and recommendations. Consequently, the revenues of the brands associated with these micro-influencers will increase.


With every year the trends of marketing keep changing and influencer marketing is no different. Now, with the arrival of the year 2020, there are certain trends that influencers might need to let go of. Similarly, some trends are catching on, and jumping on the bandwagon might be the only option for influencers to stay popular.

The following are 4 trends that will be of significance in the year 2020:

1. Staying real is important

It is important to stay real with your followers because that is one factor they relate with. While celebrity profiles seem attractive, they are an ideal that can’t be achieved because they are mostly edited and touched up for perfection. Micro-influencers deal with a smaller niche and the reason people engage with them is because they can relate to their struggles. People have now started seeing past the perfection portrayed by celebrities. So, it is sometimes better to stay real and in the moment, without the edits and the filters. Your followers will appreciate a glimpse of your REAL life!

2. Instagram influencer marketing will continue to grow

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will be aware of this trend. In 2020, Instagram influencer marketing will continue to grow, unless a more advanced application takes its place. With the decline of Snapchat, Instagram has become the new “king” of social media forums. It has gained popularity over the past year, leaving behind its competitors, namely facebook, twitter etc. So for now, Instagram influencer marketing is the art you need to perfect.

3. Continue to partner with brands

Micro-influencers are also looking for a source of earning and this earning can come from their partnerships with different brands. Brands also look for channels to disseminate information and to promote their products or services. The advantage with micro-influencers is that they have a very specific audience that allows brands and influencers to filter through choices and end up with a perfect match. Brands can build a more lasting relationship with micro influencers; which can prove to be a value addition to both parties; for instance, influencers can collaborate with brands by starting a product line together.

4. Experiment with new tools and social media platforms

It is important to keep people talking by keeping your posts engaging and appealing. Try keeping track of new trends and tools and experiment with them in your posts. Similarly, just like Instagram has taken the social media world by storm, it is highly likely that this platform will be replaced with something new in future. This is how it has always worked! Therefore, you should focus on becoming a trendsetter before everyone starts doing something. For instance, TikTok is a trend that is catching up. Influencers should utilize such opportunities to bring something new to the table.

Having discussed the growing popularity of micro-influencers and the recent trends associated with them, it is indeed very safe to say that the growth of influencer marketing agencies and affiliate marketing agencies will be on the rise. The benefit of such agencies is that they make your task easier by bridging the gap between brands and micro-influencers. Influencer Hub is a similar agency that works towards finding brands and micro- influencers the perfect fit for each other. Besides this, the campaigns are tailor made to suit your needs and starting at very low prices. Influencer Hub can help you perfect the art of affiliate marketing and earn more. It is a convenient option for influencers and brands because we know what will work in this market and what won’t. So, if you are looking for growing your following or collaborations just visit our website and get started today!.