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How to Get Influencers to Promote Your Product

Influencer marketing solutions have been instrumental in changing the marketing landscape for a lot of companies. However, to be able to do so, a very important aspect is to choose the right ones to promote your product. While you may feel very confident and settled when running your product, you may also feel intimidated to contact and partner with influencers. Some very common questions are what to say to the influencer, how to exactly reach out to them for a partnership or what kind of influencers to even reach for.

Influencers who promote everything

One of the first steps you shall take is to not opt for influencers who would promote anything. These are usually the ones who are not backed by their own personal brand and may have an uneven profile. They could also be the ones who do not have their personal brand and simply work for money. Thus, it is very important to effectively analyze any potential influencer’s profile and brand image they portray of themselves.

Engagement rate

A very commonly believed idea of a good influencer is having a decent number of followers. However, believe us when we say, the number of followers does not tell you how many people the posts are actually reaching out to. Why? Well, to really understand how impactful the influencer, engagement rate is crucial. This can be gauged by comments, likes, or even seeing how famous the hashtags they use are. Yet, do keep in mind that likes are not a very good metric of engagement as people may unconsciously like posts.

How aligned are they?

When we talk about reaching out to influencers who keep their values close to them, it inevitably assumes that you only approach influencers whose values are better aligned with your brand. This only improves the quality of the content they produce while being in their own element. Besides, it also assumes that you only work with influencers who are actually going to use your product so they can be honest and align better with the right audience.

Avoid commenting

A lot of brands end up commenting on usual posts of influencers whom they find fit for their brand. However, the question is, do influencers look at your brand as the right fit? The majority of influencers are quite picky with brands they associate with. Adding public comments and inviting them to collaborate puts up a very bad image of your brand. So, avoid doing that!

Are you overselling your brand?

When you initially reach out to influencers, do not start selling your brand. A better approach is to always tell them what you like about their approach, the image they pose for, the work they do along why they are interested in them. If the influencer sounds interested, then is the time you can start talking about your product in detail. Trust us, no influencer likes overselling. Besides, you would not want to sound desperate!

While these are some of the many aspects of how you can get influencers to promote your product, these are also very important ones. These will establish your basis of relationship with the influencer while also setting the tone for product marketing. Follow these basics and you will be good to go!