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How To Find High Performing Influencers

The concept of influencer marketing revolves around brands joining hands with industry pioneers to make use of the individual’s impact on a particular kind of crowd, to make their product or service stand out. Influencer marketing is effective only when there is a level of trust developed between the influencer and the brand. Influencer and affiliate marketing companies allow you to select any influencer that you deem would be a good fit for your brand image.

Finding high-performing influencers that would be a good representation of your brand can be a tedious task. It is difficult to gauge who has the best presence on different social media influencer platforms or how they might help you in reaching marketing goals.

Since there is a lot to consider in this procedure, we have listed a few tips on how you can find high-performing influencers.

Finding The Perfect Match In Your Industry

The most important step in finding the right high-performing influencer for your brand is figuring out who leads your specific industry. You can come across relevant influencers by utilizing different methods like a Google search where you enter words with your specialty and see whose profile comes up in the search engine result pages. You can research them to see if the influencer and their followers have shown affinity to brands similar in nature to yours.

Other than that, you can search relevant hashtags on social media platforms and see which influencer gets the most traction. You can also look into any career expo or meeting from where you can easily track down several speakers and their profiles. After checking their web-based entertainment accounts like Instagram and YouTube, you can see their content and what their audience is like. If that works for you, you can contact them.

Focus On Engagement

Many influencers have a large number of followers, but they might not be the best choice for you. Even though they have many supporters, the content they create might not attract their audience. For this reason, you should look at the retweets, likes, comments, and offers that the influencer gets on their posts as compared to the figure of their followers.

It is important to analyze the influencer’s performance while keeping your upcoming campaign’s objectives in mind. If you are going for an awareness campaign, you would want someone who has more reach and video views. If, however, your main goal is conversion then the engagement rate matters more.

Credibility in Industry

While going through an influencer’s content, you need to make sure they are familiar with the topics your brand cares about and has authority over them. There is a need to check whether their comments show their expertise on industry-relevant topics or not. The more knowledge a person has about the industry they are marketing, the more their followers believe them and take their word for it.

Only if your influencer is well-informed about your product and what you aim to achieve, will they help you reach your marketing objectives.

Checking Performance

If you have come up with a list of possible influencers, the next step is vetting their substance thoroughly. You need to check whether their content matches the image of your brand or if it is in line with the values and qualities of your company. Also, you need to ensure that the influencer’s followers are genuine and not fake. This can be done by checking the audiences’ handle names.

Moreover, you need to closely observe how they are working for different brands and what role they are playing in advancing their name. If they are coming up with new and intelligent content, which is creating brand awareness and customer loyalty, then you should consider them.

As you find the most important influencers in your industry, you will start to notice the impact they have on the market. When you interface with influencers and brand envoys, move forward with the discussion according to an expert viewpoint. Arranged outreach conveys that your image is genuine, you have conducted your research, and that you have a set arrangement for working with influencers. Eventually, this advantages both you and the influencer and brings about improved results.