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Revive Your Taste Buds with Foodie Influencers

The smell of freshly baked pie during a warm cozy evening, the taste of fresh orange juice while relaxing on the beach.. You’re probably heading towards your kitchen now. We’re here to give you ideas for your cooking inspirations by telling you all about the amazing foodie influencers who’ll bless your feed with scrumptious dishes! Everybody undoubtedly loves food and foodie influencers help you know about all the amazing desserts, drinks and a lot more.

With the emergence of social media, our perception of making and enjoying food has changed. In the past few years, people relied on cooking shows or magazines to know about recipes of a variety of dishes and beverages that they might want to try. However, today, food influencers have gained a lot of popularity because of their creative presentation of mouth-watering items. They present food as an art and we certainly get enough of their content.

What do foodie influencers do?

Many foodie influencers such as Yumna Javed cook delicious food items themselves and share recipes and tips to make the perfect dishes. Some of them focus on food items that are a special feature of their culture and heritage, bringing to their followers exotic spices and tastes that they might not find anywhere else. Naturally, people find this concept very appealing that they’re able to know about the food specialities of different areas of the world and that the source of this information is someone who belongs to that particular region.

This makes it easier for them to believe that the information being provided to them is given by an expert who knows what he/she is saying. Similarly, the famous indonesian chef, Ignatius Gorby, is popular among his followers for pictures he posts of his appetizing creations. Foodie influencers are not just limited to cooking and posting about their self-created dishes, in fact, there are many foodie influencers who don’t cook but post pictures that instantaneously make your stomach growl.

One such example is of food-photographer, Kimberly Hasselbrink, who posts absolutely amazing pictures of different types of foods, special ingredients and popular restaurants serving finger-licking food items. So we can see that these foodie influencers provide all sorts of information to their followers, from recipes to places serving the most delicious food, they’re experts at what they do!

How are brands benefitting from collaborating with foodie Influencers?

Since we’ve already talked about the power and influence that social media influencers have on the decisions of their followers, the case is similar with foodie influencers. The traditional methods of getting information about recipes, restaurants, diners and ingredients included watching cooking shows on television, buying cooking magazines, reading food-related articles etc. Brands manufacturing food products relied on traditional methods of advertising for promotion. Resultantly, the number of consumers they were able to reach out to and engage with were very limited. 

With the growth of social media marketing and digital advertising, foodie influencers began having a massive impact on people. This didn’t go unnoticed by brands who started planning their foodie influencer marketing campaigns. The food and beverage is a thriving industry contributing £31.1 billion to the economy. When brands started collaborating with foodie influencers, the impact that they were able to have on their consumers was massive.

For example, Old El Paso, a brand specialized in making items like tacos and tortillas, collaborated with a number of foodie influencers to promote their gluten-free wraps by using them in different recipes. In this way, they were able to make their consumers realize that their wraps could be used to make a variety of dishes. Similarly, a significant number of small, medium and large brands have changed their direction from traditional marketing to influencer marketing.

Foodie influencers have higher engagement rates and a stronger influence than paid actors who appear in advertisements and people trust them way more than they trust celebrities. This provides food-related brands a perfect opportunity to collaborate with influencers and connect with their consumers. 

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