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Influencer Marketing and Fitness Brands

We all know by now that influencers are incredibly powerful when it comes to impacting the decisions made by their followers. Since influencers have diverse interests, ranging from beauty, fashion and skincare, to fitness, health and wellness, you can find an influencer in almost any and every area of interest that exists. If you’re well aware of the most popular social media influencers, you probably would have heard the names of influencers like Michelle Lewin or Jennifer Selter. If you haven’t, you’re probably wondering who they are. Both of them are two of the top fitness influencers on social media, having millions of followers who look up to them for inspiration. While previously, fitness influencers focused on helping people achieve their bikini-body goals, today, the emphasis now is more on helping people develop and maintain a healthy mind and body by sharing their work-out videos, providing customized diet plans and promoting body positivity. 

With the growing popularity among people, fitness-related brands have also begun to benefit from this trend by collaborating with fitness influencers who seem to have a strong impact on the customer segments that the brands want to target. So, when did all of this start? Gymshark, an athleisure brand based in the UK, was one of the pioneers of fitness influencer marketing. They sent their apparel to bodybuilders who uploaded their videos on YouTube. The results were successful as they were able to save significant marketing costs and were also able to effectively deliver their message to the target audience. Since then, hundreds of fitness brands have been trying to sign collaboration deals with some of the top-notch fitness influencers on social media. 

The fitness industry has become a $4.2 trillion global industry, experiencing a 12.8% growth since 2015-2017. With more and more people developing an interest in health and fitness, this is the perfect time for fitness companies to strengthen their position in the market. Fitness influencers can immensely help such companies by communicating the authenticity of their products to their followers. People nowadays believe more in what their friends, family, colleagues or real people like themselves have to say, rather than getting under the influence of traditional advertisements. This again proves why marketing fitness products through influencer marketing can be the best option available.

Since there already are many players in the fitness industry, and so many new brands are also entering, the market is getting highly saturated. This makes it even more important for fitness brands i.e. those providing gym apparel, gym equipment, supplements etc. to stand out and shine among the audience. Brands such as Nike and lululemon athletica have also been finding influencers who align with their values e.g. those who actively promote sustainability and body positivity, in order to create awareness about themselves in the target niches. This had led them to connect with and retain customers who also share their values.

Although fitness influencer marketing sounds powerful and exciting, it is better if brands keep in mind a few important things to ensure that they are able to collaborate with influencers who can create fun and engaging content. One of these important things is to perhaps ask the influencer that you have hired to create video content to showcase your product. Videos are significantly more engaging than posting pictures, and when it comes to health and fitness products, it becomes even more essential for people to see how the product is being used and whether it would make a difference in their lives if they bought that product. For example, fitness influencers wearing a fitness brand’s gym apparel for using its gym equipment will be more appealing to the customers as it can give them an idea about the product’s features and benefits. Similarly, the recent trend of posting transformation videos has become immensely popular and a source of inspiration for many fitness freaks. Fitness brands can also consider establishing long term collaborations with fitness influencers, who can showcase the use of their product from the beginning of their journey to where they stand now.

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