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How Can Influencer Marketing Build Brand Awareness

The influencer marketing industry has seen immense growth in the last few years, with brands putting in a lot of effort into planning their influencer marketing campaigns. Because of the emphasis on building close relationships with your customers, traditional advertising has lost the charm that it once had. Influencer marketing can let the world know about your brand through the bond they have with their followers.

Why is brand awareness important?

Globalization has made the competition between brands really intense, and brands are using all sorts of marketing tactics to get a hold of customers’ attention. Every brand is aiming to establish its reputation as a top-notch brand by reaching out to and engaging with a maximum number of people.

Brand awareness is essential for increasing the brand’s market share, as well as for the brand’s profitability. If you’re able to effectively enhance your brand’s presence in the market and tell the world what makes your brand different and more valuable than your competitors, it becomes a whole lot easier to occupy the number one position in the industry.

How have things changed?

Television commercials, billboard advertisements, and celebrity endorsements were once some of the major forms of marketing, for which, significant amounts of budgets were allocated. With time, people demanded genuine connections with individuals who they could relate to. This wasn’t possible with traditional forms of marketing.

Then the era of influencer marketing began, bringing with it what people wanted, real and authentic connections with people who shared the same problems as their followers. Brands saw this as the perfect opportunity to increase awareness about themselves and here we are today!

What role is influencer marketing playing?

Influencer marketing has opened new avenues for brands to enhance their presence in a way that doesn’t seem fake or artificial. Even when collaborations between brands and influencers are paid, people have a relationship of trust with the influencers they follow, which enables them to also trust the brand being endorsed.

Here’s how influencer marketing is effective in building brand awareness:

Relevance & relatability

Today, people are not willing to just blindly follow what their favorite celebrities are saying. They want the truth, they want to connect with individuals who face problems similar to what they face. This why influencers are seen as more reliable and trustworthy to people, as compared to paid actors and other TV stars.

Influencers take a lot of time to establish a deep relationship with their followers, spending hours designing their content and keeping an eye on what their followers want to see. Because of this, influencer marketing provides brands easy access to their target markets and shows customers that they’re here to provide solutions that people are looking for.

Two-way communication

Another major benefit of influencer marketing is the two-way communication channel it creates, which enables brands to answer all queries that customers might have, through influencers. Due to the trust that followers have in influencers, followers are able to ask any question that they have in their mind openly and without any hesitation.

Contrary to this, traditional marketing was more of one-way communication, leading to a lot of uncertainty in the minds of the customers. Through influencer marketing, customers get the opportunity to become more aware of all the aspects of a particular product or service.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Influencer marketing is a modern form of word-of-mouth marketing. Traditionally, word-of-mouth marketing included people sharing their experiences with a particular brand, which ultimately gave an idea about how good a brand was to a large pool of customers. Knowing what genuine people had to say is a big influential factor that helped customers incline towards a brand.

This is what influencer marketing is all about. Brands send their products to influencers, who, in return, give a product review, which helps their followers make purchase decisions. Influencers provide all sorts of details about the product, including its benefits, how to use it, where to buy it from, etc., and this information spreads from one social media user to another.

Influencer marketing is the perfect way to spread information about a brand like wildfire. Traditional marketing might take you some time to reach out to customers who live in different parts of the world. However, influencer marketing can help your brand increase its market share in a very short span of time.

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