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Influencer Marketing and the Beauty Industry

Social media platforms exert remarkable influencer on people's opinions and choices nowadays. With each passing moment, there is an increasing number of people who check Instagram and Facebook to know about the trends in style and outfits. Pop-ups of retail and fashion online websites all over the internet have made the process much easier for these impulsive shoppers. With no surprise, it is clear that the fashion market has grown parallel to social media usage rate and a large number of fashion and styling brands are adopting to influencer marketing strategies to increase their sales.

Moreover, if we talk about the effectiveness and implementation of influencer marketing, the beauty industry is indeed leading one. If we compare the budget and product, the beauty industry has bigger budgets and less tangible products than fashion hence influencers easily bring products to life and successfully create a connection between social media and e-commerce.

The question comes that why have beauty brands adopted influencer marketing more fervently than any other industry? We have identified two main reasons:

Consumers look up to influencers:

Human nature as a social creature, who likes to be the center of attention, is one of the main reasons why beauty brands and influencer marketing works so well. Remember the time when we used to watch celebrities on television and wished to look like them? Yes, today in place of celebrities, we have influencers on social media. If we talk about consumer’s attention, influencers are winning with stylish collections of photos and videos, as consumers increasingly reject more traditional forms of marketing like TV commercials and magazine ads. Audiences of these influencers look up-to them and this naturally creates a certain expectation for the influencers to look ‘good’ for their audiences. This is where beauty brands come in.

Beauty brands have realized the opportunity to tap into the niche market by approaching these influential people. However, the significance of choosing the right influencers for the brand cannot go unnoticed, because this is where the effectiveness of an influencer marketing strategy will come for these brands.

Brand awareness and Gen-Z:

Today’s customer is more digitally educated than ever and often make purchasing decisions based on reviews, research, and personal recommendations. With the ease of information accessibility and increased awareness of customers, brands have started to emphasize on brand awareness instead of just advertising their products endlessly. Brand awareness is where the support of digital influencers becomes extremely valuable for beauty brands. Since influencer marketing is extremely efficient to increase traffic and build awareness, a large number of beauty brands begin to leverage influencers into long-term contracts which successfully lead to high sales figures. Moreover, influencers help beauty brands create more personalized and authentic content which helps brands in increased sales since the group of Gen-Z customers value authenticity above all. Be it creating innovative topics such as veganism and eco-friendly products to appeal to the socially aware audience or involving audiences into their content creation process through contest and giveaways, influencers are the perfect candidates as brand advocates to tap into these young audiences’ mind.

In short, collaboration with influencers helps beauty brands sustain the momentum of publishing new and authentic content that resonates with the brand’s target audiences and to reach the right demographic and niche audiences. Moreover, influencers can foster a special, authentic relationship with the customer, helping brands understand what they want and how to give it to them. It is evident that a truly effective influencer marketing campaign help established beauty brands strengthen their relationships with consumers and empower smaller, emerging business to grow.

With the right approach and marketing strategy, there is no denying that digital influencers will play a critical role in propelling beauty brands to the next level.

So, to stay competitive in the beauty industry, the question is no longer if the beauty brand should use influencers, but whomChoosing the right influencer for a brand is extremely critical to the success of an influencer marketing campaign. For this, a brand must critically analyze the authenticity of the influencer, their followers, target audience, and much more. We understand that this whole process of selecting the right influencer for an effective marketing campaign of a brand is time-consuming and requires significant research and effort. Hence, Influencer Hub came up with a one-step solution for this long process. From influencer vetting, influencer relationship management, and strategy development to influencer campaign execution and reporting, we provide all services on one platform. Click here to know more about how Influencer Hub help brands choose the right influencer for an effective marketing campaign.