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The Fast and the Flashy: Automotive Influencers

Do you know about all the features present in Koenigsegg JESKO Hypercar? Or what’s new about Mercedes Benz New CLA? If you don’t, you’re probably missing out on the exciting content posted by some of social media’s most iconic automotive influencers. Brands such as Subaru, Jeep, Ferrari, Ford and Porsche have collaborated with some of these automotive influencers and have won the heart of millions through this marketing technique.

Be it the vehicle’s design, specifications or its price, automotive influencers explain it all! They have become widely popular in the past few years because of their posts about the hottest vehicles and the first-hand information that they provide to their followers. People just love seeing what’s new and trending in the automotive industry and influencers are here to guide them about everything!

Brands are changing their marketing strategies

A few years ago, automotive giants such as Lamborghini and Chevrolet focused on heavily investing in traditional forms of marketing to strengthen and retain their brand image. However, as time passed, big brands realized that the power and influence that social media marketing had on the purchase decisions of people was far greater than the effect that traditional marketing had.

Social media marketing has helped brands in reaching out to potential customers whom they could not have reached through traditional means. Particularly this segment of the market is the one which doesn’t really rely on newspapers to television commercials to find out about the latest vehicles. Thus, not only have brands been able to expand their customer base, but they have also been able to significantly influence customer decisions by hiring automotive influencers.

Automotive influencers know it all

Today, you can find automotive influencers on almost every social media platform including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, TikTok where they’re busy endorsing sports cars, luxury cars and what not. One widely popular automotive influencer is Alexandra Mary Hischi, better known as Supercar Blondie, who’s an Australian automotive influencer based in the UAE. She has millions of fans on all of her social media pages and big brands such as Ferrari and Bugatti have collaborated with her to endorse their products in the market.

Her fans absolutely love her for her insightful posts and videos about the coolest vehicles in the automotive industry. Automotive influencers like Supercar Blondie don’t just post pictures and videos of vehicles, they possess strong expertise about the automotive industry as well. They let their followers know about the functionalities, physical characteristics, price, every aspect of the car that people might be interested in.

Finding an unbiased expert who would be willing to share all the information about a particular car or any other vehicle is very difficult. In such circumstances, people become die-hard fans of automotive influencers, who not only have significant knowledge about the product, but also connect with their followers on a deep personal level. As a result of this, people strongly rely on what automotive influencers have to say rather than being influenced by any other forms of advertising. 

The future is bright for automotive influencer marketing

A large number of big-, medium- and small-sized automotive brands have taken the smart move of changing their direction of marketing and advertising. Automotive influencers have so much to offer to these brands, from increasing customer engagement to helping them drive their sales. There’s a long list of successful collaborations that have taken place between brands and automotive influencers, and this list is gradually increasing with time.

Automotive influencers, such as David Patterson and Matt Farah, have become the primary source of information about new vehicles among the younger generation. Since it has also been statistically proven that 88% of customers trust recommendations given online, the time is coming when we’ll probably be seeing every automotive brand promoting its product through automotive influencers.

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