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How Can Amazon Influencers Increase Your Online Sales?

Amazon has always proved to be the go-to website for people whenever they want to buy online and it has now become the world’s largest online retailer. Whether it’s books, shoes, apparel.. you name it, Amazon has it all. About 197 million people visit Amazon’s website every month, that’s about 9 times greater than the population of Florida.

Amazon is known for its innovative approaches to sell products online which has helped it get to the position it has right now. Amazon had previously introduced its associate marketing program which allowed people to earn money online through their website or blog. Now it has also brought forward its influencer program and this blog will tell you all you need to know about it so let’s get started!

What’s the Amazon Influencer Program?

Amazon’s Influencer Program provides a great opportunity to social media influencers to make money by giving them access to their own product pages and also provides them unique vanity URLs. Influencers can share this URL with their followers to direct traffic to their Amazon pages and promote the sales of their products. Buyers clicking on the unique URL will be taken to a page where they’ll be able to see the variety of products available, the description of the products and their prices.

How’s Amazon Influencer Program different from Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Influencer Program and Amazon Affiliate Program (also known as Amazon Associates) are very similar to each other except a few differences. The Affiliate Program involves affiliates linking their website to Amazon and then sending traffic to Amazon’s website. Affiliates get paid according to the number of people they send to Amazon’s website and who make an online purchase from Amazon.

For the Influencer Program, Amazon assists influencers in setting up a page on its website where influencers can display online products in a way that they wish to do so. Influencers are paid in the same way as affiliates i.e., by driving traffic to Amazon’s website and earning money for every online purchase made on Amazon through the unique link that influencers share with their followers.

How do you become an Amazon Influencer?

Amazon gives you the opportunity to become one of its influencers if you have a good online presence on different social media websites including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Amazon gives preference to influencers who have a large online fan following and have high engagement rates. Ideally, Amazon influencers have followers above 10,000. 

Influencers can have different interests and can have followers belonging to different niches, they’ll be able to qualify as Amazon influencers as long as they post content that is relevant to Amazon. Once you feel like you meet the requirements to become an Amazon influencer, head on to Amazon’s website to submit an online application, and wait for Amazon to approve it so you can benefit from your online presence!


What’s in it for influencers?

Given the rising trend of influencer marketing, a significant number of individuals are working on enhancing their online presence which can not only elevate their social status, but can also help them earn a living. A lot of brands are now turning towards influencers to help them increase their online sales, and about 65% of brands are willing to allocate larger budgets for their influencer marketing campaigns. This gives influencers the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their online presence on social media. 

With the introduction of Amazon Influencer Program, influencers can make the online buying process extremely easy for their followers by providing a simple exclusive link that can take them to a customized online store. The more people who make online purchases from Amazon using those exclusive links, the more the influencers are able to earn money.

What’s in it for brands?

Traditional marketing through television advertisements, newspaper advertisements, billboards etc., have lost the influence that they once had on customers. The digital world is always looking for what eye-catching material they can find online, which is why brands are now realizing the potential that influencer marketing has. People make their online purchase decisions by heavily relying on the opinions of their favorite influencers. 

Especially for small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures who wish to enter the market with a bang, influencer marketing is one of the best marketing tools out there. Influencer marketing is cost-effective and can help boost your online sales tremendously. What’s more is that having your products displayed on Amazon can exponentially increase your online sales as Amazon has earned the trust of individuals world-wide, making it easier to convince people to make online purchases through Amazon, rather than a relatively new online store.

Given the number of benefits influencer marketing has to offer, the next step you need to think about is finding an influencer marketing platform that can help you throughout your influencer marketing process. If you’re wondering where to find such a platform then look no more because Influencer Hub is here to provide a solution to all your marketing needs! We’ll help you find influencers, collaborate with them and make the entire process smooth and easy for you. Sign up on our platform for free and let us help you!